A wide set of actions executed on housing and heritage in the cities, small towns and rural areas of Galicia and, generally speaking, against the territory, came to be known as feismo (ugliness) in our country. This term is mainly applied to the formal aspects of what is often shown in the media, rather than being a reflective thought about the reality seen in those images and their classification; nonetheless it was considered necessary to do the latter and keeping that in mind, the I FORO DEL FEISMO was organized in November 2004.

Taking into account that the so-called feismo has a wide meaning, but also counts on a wide range of contents of reflection put in th book Ugliness? Destroying a country, which was the result of the I Forum, we now announce the II International Forum on “Ugliness”, with the motto Building a Country: The Rehumanization of the Territory, to discuss from Galicia about:

I. The Dramatic relation between man and territory in the current historical period: The destruction of the place; habitats of poverty; movements and migrations; segregationist walls; virtuality.

II. The aggressions against the cities, towns, villages and, generally speaking, all population settlements: The dweling as a second skin and the axis of the territory in its core.

III. The economic and socio-political context of these aggressions.

IV. Alternatives and resistance movements.